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V.K MEDICAL CENTRE Contact Us : 08079408005


V K Medical Centre welcomes you. We provide Laboratory,Xray,ECG,SCAN and various services in Annanagar,Chennai. Health care monitoring is a rapidly evolving arena globally. The promise of healthy tomorrow has led people to access quality health care. At VK Medical centre, We offer high end technology to provide quality health care. VK Medical centre is the name you can trust when it comes to healthcare. We pioneer the art of lab testing and diagnostics. By helping the doctors in diagnosis, we cater personalized service to the patients. We provide a comprehensive diagnostic record, thereby aiding the health practitioners a competitive edge. Constant up-gradation and introduction of new tests and methods to meet the demands of the clinicians has been one of our major aims. We have introduced many new tests

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ECG TESTING CENTER IN CHENNAI An electrocardiogram is an electrical recording of the heart and is used in the investigation of heart disease. It is a graphic display of the electrical activity of the heart. For more info visit us at http://vkmedicalcentre.in/bizFloat/59dae58af571be0558e73752/ECG-TESTING-CENTER-IN-CHENNAI-An-electrocardiogram-is-an-electrical-recording-of-the-heart-and-is-used-in-the-investigation-of-heart-disease-It-is-a-graphic-display-of-the-electrical-activity-of-the-heart-
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Anna Nagar A-45, 3rd Avenue Road, Anna Nagar(East) -102(Opp. to Viveks&Co)
+91 8079408005  or   or    (Trouble calling us?)
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13.0855992464602 80.2371014821533 V.K MEDICAL CENTRE Contact Us : 08079408005 Anna Nagar A-45, 3rd Avenue Road, Anna Nagar(East) -102(Opp. to Viveks&Co)